My Journey to Aromatherapy.

To this day, a whole 734 days ago I was at rock bottom. A couple of lonely waiting rooms and appointments later, as I look back at it now, the doctors correctly assumed that I was suffering from a severe anxiety disorder. The tunnel of life had swallowed me whole and spat me right back out.

Or at least, that’s what it felt like. 

I’d like to quickly side track to another story; of me as a kid. I was pretty adventurous and have had my fair share of bruises, burns and stitches. Especially that one time I stood on a shard of glass that had escaped its home of a beer bottle.
Oooh, that one hurt.

The point being that hospital visits were quite an often trip in my household to a point where I’d just go myself and save my parents the trouble. They’d still pay for it of course, as I was only 10!
Pain reducing and sleep-inducing medications were a remedy that the kid version of me hated although, they did what they were asked to do.

Yet, this time while the medications were stronger and possibly more effective the bug in me just wouldn’t budge. I don’t mean to disprove medication in a situation like this but it just didn’t work for me. A solid 8 and a half months into this new-found way of life, as I swallowed the last pill from that week’s course I just couldn’t anymore.

I needed a backup to my Tic-Tac shaped remedy because while the medication didn’t cure me of my symptoms it most definitely did suppress them.

A whole load of late-night Google searches later, I found myself at the helm of Aromatherapy. A couple of articles in just reading stories such as mine led to a major load of the skepticism vanishing.
At least something was finally leaving my body, right?

I certainly wanted to try it. Well, at best it actually helps me get out of this rut and at worst, I’d have scented living room.
However, unlike how it is today, Aromatherapy was quite an expensive ordeal and significantly out of my budget.

Bless the internet for finding a way if you’ve got the will, I say. An intense 5 am stalk led me to finding Facebook profiles of a few of the people who faced similar issues as mine and tried Aromatherapy.
One lovely gentleman offered to give me the rest of his bottle as it was just enough for one last use and so I did.

Initial Thoughts:
Was it relaxing? Definitely.
Was it sort of therapeutic? Well, I wasn’t sure yet as there was The Beatles playing in the back as I tried it.
Was I feeling any better? Not my best, sure. But, the best I’ve been for quite some time.

Whatever this was, I sure as hell liked it. Regardless of it being able to cure my anxiety I liked it.
That’s what the doctor said didn’t’ she? Do what you really-really enjoy. And so, I continued and I’m sure you’ve figured out the ending but I’ll still tell you.

It’s been an absolute treat to use aromatherapy. It calms me down and gives me some “me- time” as they call it. It slows everything down around me and gives me time to think constructively think.

Maybe that’s just what I needed, to slow things down and give some time to be with my thoughts.
That’s what Aromatherapy gave me. It gave me the opportunity to heal.

My favourite kind of scented oil is any one that has Lavender. Oh lord, I love everything about that flower.

Also, The Beatles in the background for anything you do is good life advice.

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