Aromatherapy & Yoga: The Perfect Symphony

The creation of the perfect palace for your deserving body and mind isn’t as far-fetched an idea as it may seem.
Much has been said about the effects of both Aromatherapy and Yoga individually as fruitful ways of dealing with anxiety and stress.

What if there was a way to achieve further sanctity right at home? The world asked. And in return, the world provided a gift of an answer. 
All over the globe, yoga practitioners have begun to endorse, implement and execute perfectly synchronising these two pillars of aid. The results were impeccable. 

The art of fusing these two forms of purification together is a simple task to give your body and mind what it deserves; the very best.
Here are a few ways to give your sanctuary a serious upgrade. 

1. Make a yoga mat mist:

This firstly acts as a disinfectant which is all natural unlike the ones you’d probably buy at the nearby store. This practice helps in keeping both you and your mat fresh and clean while also leaving an extraordinary scent across the room.

Do we even really need to say anymore? 

2. Make a room spray:

If you’ve ever been to a yoga class before and just immediately felt relaxed as soon as you enter, well we’ll tell you how to recreate that experience at home! 

One of the major reasons why it’s so relaxing even as you enter is due to how yoga teachers intermittently diffuse these essential oil-based sprays into the room and now you can too!
Take a single oil or a blend of oils and add 1-2 drops per 100 ml of water to your essential oil diffuser.

Set the diffuser to diffuse for 30 minutes at a time, with an hour of downtime before it diffuses again. Diffuse only through the Savasana or through your meditation session to heighten the relaxation. 

3. Add Salt to your blend: 

Salt has its purification elements (why else do you think beach people are always so happy?). If you’ve got a decorative bowl at home, having a base of Himalayan Salt or Dead Sea Salt over which you add your essential oils can do wonders! 

Adding spicy scents such as cardamom essential oil or clove work particularly well in salt bowls. 
Keep in mind that the scent can often be “boosted” by stirring the salt every few hours.
These aren’t the only ways to diffuse essential oils right before, during or even after a solid yoga/meditation session. Yep, you read that right. There’s plenty more!

These minute changes to the way you practice yoga and meditation really do go miles in creating a better experience for your body and mind.

So go on then, build your sanctuary! 

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