PANCHAMI, Making Mental health issue talkable.

Why mental health

Mental health includes our emotional feelings, the ways we feel of ourselves. It also affects how we think and handle things and make our decision. A healthy mental being is happy in what he/she does and also is able to think clearly.

Mental health in India

In 2017 according to president of India Ram Nath Kovind told that “India is facing mental health epidemic”. A study done the same year tells around 14% of India’s population suffers mental health problem, and yet people shy away talking about it

The real question, can your mental health change over time

The answer is yes, its important to remember that a persons mental health can change our time and depends on many factor. When the person overthinks, when he/she overthinks its difficult for him to think clearly. With our product Panchami aromatherapy oil you can use it for a aromatherapy session with your family and friends. It make your mind calm and makes you feel light. Its wonderful that when a persons mind is free it is easy to distract, but with this aromatherapy you can focus on one thing that’s peacefulness, and in India many don’t believe in therapies but Panchami is here to break the stereotype. We believe we must give our minds also some peaceful time, when its all working day and night, we think it’s time for taking a break with Panchami aromatherapy oil. We provide you with a guide book and help line number for mental health related issues. Our product will help you achieve your goal and many more things in life.

Because there is a saying HEALTHY MIND=HEALTHY LIFE


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